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    Best selling single engine in the world

    Pilatus PC-12, the best-selling single-engine turboprop in the world

    Pilatus sold 80 PC-12 NG aircraft during the past year, positioning the single-engine turboprop aircraft as the most sold worldwide. According to the Swiss manufacturer, the aircraft reached this milestone because of the trust that its customers have placed on the plane, while being one of the safest turboprops ever built, surpassing even twin-engine turboprops.

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    The PC-12's global operating fleet grew to more than 1,650 airplanes in 2018, registering a total of 34,000 flight hours and with nearly 46,000 safe landings. Demand remains high, allowing this este bestseller ’Pilatus to access new markets.

    The PC-12 was approved for commercial use in Europe a few years ago, generating a sharp increase in demand in this region. Only the Jetfly Group including Fly7 operate a fleet of 38 Pilatus PC-12 from its base in Luxembourg. Interest in the PC-12 extends to various market segments, such as private companies, fractional ownership programs, rental and medical evacuation companies and special missions.

    Swiss quality combined with a proven engine

    The Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 turboprop engine is one of the safest ever built, an indisputable necessity for a single-engine aircraft. Pilatus opted for PT6 and has shown that it is an economically and exceptionally safe option.

    The high-performance PT6A-67P engine is used in a 65 percent power setting on the PC-12, which means that the engine is never exposed to stress conditions and high temperatures that are designed to cope with the full capacity This offers a huge reduction in maintenance and wear costs in general, resulting in a very affordable operation.

    This is what the new Pilatus PC-24 looks like - ‘Swiss Air Force One’

    The Swiss government officially received a new Pilatus PC-24 that emerges from an order made during 2014. The new PC-24 Super Versatile Jet will replace a commercial aircraft supplied by an American manufacturer and previously used for government flights.

    The President of the Swiss Confederation, Ueli Maurer, received the PC-24 at a delivery ceremony held in Bern. The Swiss Air Force will operate the plane for the Swiss government that sports a modern gray-white livery with a Swiss cross on the vertical stabilizer with the words “Swiss Air Force”. The serial number of the aircraft is 121, which indicates that it is the 21st PC-24 that leaves the production line and its registration is T-786.

    comments about it

    Pilatus President Oscar J. Schwenk commented:
    "I am delighted that the Swiss government has opted for a Swiss product, and traveling on board the PC-24, the new 'Swiss Air Force One', in the future! This election sends a very important signal for our new commercial aircraft I trust that other governments will adopt PC-24 once they see the unmatched opportunities and flexibility it offers. ”

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    The large cabin offers enough comfortable space to accommodate eight passengers plus crew and luggage. In addition to the spacious cabin and the speed of the aircraft, government passengers will also enjoy other benefits, such as the large cargo door equipped as standard and the ability of the jet to use very short runways. In other words, Swiss federal advisors can now fly closer to their final destination, saving precious time.

    The plane will be used primarily to travel within Europe. The PC-24 reaches 2,000 nautical miles (3,704 kilometers) and flies at a speed of 440 knots (815 kilometers per hour). The PC-24 is much less expensive to operate than jets of similar sizes.

    Pilatus is proud and thanks to the Swiss government for its confidence in the new Swiss business jet of Pilatus. Management and all employees are delighted that from now on, the government will fly in the typical Swiss style: with the Pilatus PC-24.